Our Services

What we Do Best

We are a real estate company that specializes in retail real estate. Having a solid experience in developing, managing and leasing both local and international retail units, we actively seek solutions that not only meet client’s objectives, but also capitalize on the trends in the market.

For Retailers

Starting or expanding a retail business raises many challenges, from choosing a trading platform to the establishment of the sustainable relationship with the Landlord.

We can help in answering frequent questions:
– What is a healthy rent-to-turnover ratio?
– Differences among trading platforms: how not to get lost in a beauty contest?
– Locating near the Anchor Tenant – a blind pursuit or a strategic goal?
– How to evaluate your target audience?
– Liabilities to the shopping mall – how to identify them correctly?
– Island or shop?
– Premises configuration – how much can the length of the showcase lead to commercial success?
– Dialogue with the Landlord. May mutual interests be reconciled?
– Lease negotiations and their course – how to reach win-win goal?

Our goal is the same as yours; to move you into a property that makes sense for your success.

Our services include:

• Market analysis;
• Demographic and mapping services;
• Strategic site selection;
• Long – term expansion strategies;
• Lease negotiation;
• Lease renewals;
• Coordination of lease process.

For Developers

As a property developer the time to start collaborating with a commercial realtor is before you break ground. Our systematic approach to real estate starts with your property. We craft a strategy that defines specific goals, develops a business plan, and implements proven tactics to generate profits.
We can do far more than line up tenants if we start with your design team early enough. Rather than starting with a building focus, we look at things from an economics, tenant needs and competitive factors perspective.

Our knowledge can help:
– identify Retail market potential;
– draw characteristics of market players – leaders, start-ups and long-time participants;
– in Architectural planning – layout of premises in accordance with the commercial standard
– create the right Tenant mix – to maximize property values.
Our services include:

• Market study;
• Project Visioning;
• Professional assistance in preparing architectural plans;
• Merchandising plan;
• Budgeting;
• Leasing and Lease documentation

For Landlords

Despite current global challenges, retail draws clear lines for the future – not survival, but decisive changes that determine the longevity and sustainability of this business field. We strongly believe in the relevance and power of retail as a brand building channel, working in tandem with other channels, as well as the fact that retail real estate is a good investment.
The goal of our activity is to help retailers and retail owners to find points of interaction that would lay a solid foundation for assured mutual success – support Landlord’s effort to construct a desirable tenant mix and create a leasing strategy, that can take a commercial property from good to great.

Our services include:

• Market driven approach;
• Advice on strategies to increase the asset value;
• Develop merchandising plans and tenant mix objectives;
• Vacancy analysis and lease planning;
• Determining appropriate rental rates;
• Lease Negotiations;
• Consultation and detailed reporting;
• Property revenue engineering.